The course for the Blacksmiths 2 Breakwall Coast Walk will be marked out with signs along the way, and we will have volunteers from each of the surf clubs on the route telling you where to go as well.

But the big navigation aid will be your smartphone, where you can pull up the interactive map below.  There’ll be a little blue dot which will be you, and the map not only shows you where the course goes but also shows you where the nearest water stations and first aiders are, plus will also give you an idea on the nearest toilet block and how long you’ll need to hold it in for!

Don’t get lost!

If you are having troubles viewing the course map on our website, try hitting it up on Google Maps.

  • The full course is approximately 26.9km in distance
  • Around 14.83km of it is on sand
  • There are some rocky bits that may be wet and slippery along the Great North Walk between Glenrock Beach and Merewether so BE CAREFUL!
  • If you’re not past Dudley Beach by 1:30pm we will be strongly advising that you bail and call a friend, taxi or Uber, as you won’t be at Nobbys by the time Mr Sun goes to bed.
  • You’ll be going through two National Parks – the Awabakal and Glenrock State Recreation Area. When you aren’t striding through on a mission in order to get to the finish line in time, you really should come back and take a more leisurely look around this awesome part of your local world!